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Install SSRLocator

1) Installing SSRLocator in your work station

The package of installation of SSRLocator is below available for download in the address (Figure 1):
Figure 1.

1.1) Download files Firebird- and Setup.rar in in a folder/directory , as shown in the Figure 2.

Figure 2.

1.2) In the first step Install the FireBird 2.0 (database manager). For configuration of this package follows the option of installation pattern, maintaining without alteration all of the shown options. Click in the button <Next> (Illustration 3). If you prefers more details, we made available a complete guide, with details of the install in the tutorial Guide of Installation of Firebird.

Figure 3.

1.3) Use the Winrar for extract file Setup.rar in a folder in your work station. The paste maid should contain the files as shown in the Figure 4.

Figure 4.

1.4) Select the execute file Setup.exe, as shown in the Figure 4, and click in the button <Next> maintaining all of the options standard of the instalador. Await until the message of conclusion of the installation process.

Access the Menu for Windows tool bars for acess SSRLocator. If the installation process for the two packages goes well suscedidos you will have in your Windoews Menu the options SSR Locator and Firebird 2.0, as shown in the Illustration 5.

Figure 5.

2) Accessing SSRLocator instaleted in your work station

2.1) After the installation of the packages SSRLocator can be accessed by the Menu of Windows (Figure 6).

Figure 6.

2.2) Running SSRLocator

If all of the steps were following correctly the main screen of SSRLocator will be shown the Figure 11 accordingly. In case the program identifies some problem for his/her execution an in accordance message will be shown the Figure 12.

Figure 11.

Figure 12.

3) Exploring SSRLocator

A tutorial that indicates as using the program for you analyze of microssatelites/minissatelites in different databases is described in the tutorial Guide of Use SSRLocator.

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