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Install FareBirde DataBase

1) Considerations

1.1) What is Firebird?

Firebird is a database management system that runs in Linux, Windows, Mac OS and also in another several platform. FirebirdSQL foundation co-ordinates the maintenance and development of Firebird and the font codes are available in the Source Forge CVS.
Based on InterBase code of Borland, when it code was opened in Version 6.0 in the year 2000, some programmers in association, assumed the project and then appearing the FireBird, that turned a bank with own features, obtaining an immediately acception in the programmers world. The most differential in Firebird still is based on the gratuitousness base, the bank is free in all the senses no there is use limitations and the support is widely discussed in lists in the Internet, what facilitates very much the obtaining of technical help. The product has shown to be very secure, supporting systems with dozens of simultaneous users in large databases. It has been used with efficiency in projects involving administration of data in client/server structures and/or in stand-alone stations. There is a free support in the Internet through several sites, if you need more information about the bank, visit the Portuguese site and/or the English site

1.2) Why install Firebirb and SSRLocator togheter

During the development of our SSRLocator project, were tested a lot of strategies to storage and manipulation the evaluated data during the detection of repetitive regions in DNA sequences (repetitive strings) and we verified that the best performance was obtained when MySQL, Interbase and Firebird were used. Other facts that were considered in the choice of Firebird in our distribution was that even MySQL is an excellent database, it still exists difficulties in its configuration. For the use of Interbase, the only difficulty that was pointed out is that this is a database that request the purchase of it use license in Borland.
Finally, Firebird assists the needs for the administration of data of our software and has a package of quite simple installation – not demanding larger knowledge from future users in databases to use our program and it is software of free use.

The name FireBird is in honour to Phoenix, a BIRD of the greek mythology that when it dies enter in combustion and later it was reborn of the own ashes.

2) Instale o DB Firebird em sua estação de trabalho

2.1) A instalação do pacote Firebird está disponível para download no site de abaixo (Figura 1), ou ainda pode ser obtido no site , .

Figure 1. Site to download

2.2) Save the file Firebird- in a paste/directory in your computer, according to Figure 2.

Figure 2.

2.3) Execute the file Firebird- with a double click to begin configuration. During Firebird installation, will be shown text many boxes requesting information for the configuration of the services for database administration. We suggest that the setup standard parameters should be adopted, that is, does not change any information and select in all of the button <Next>, until the process finish.

2.4) If you have any doubts referring the questions done by the Firebird setup software, all steps are shown in the illustrations bellow (Figure 3 to 10).

Figure 3.

Figure 4. Select <NEXT>

Figure 5. Select <NEXT>

Figure 6. Select <NEXT>

Figure 7. Select <NEXT>

Figure 8. Select <NEXT>

Figure 9. Keep the pattern options and select <NEXT>

Figure 10. Select <INSTALL>

Figure 11. Please wait the installation.

Figure 12. Message showing the end instalation, select <FINISH>

Figure 13. If you want to know more details about Firebird, access the software folder on Windows menu.

4) After Firebird installation, we suggest that you proceed SSRLocator installation, according to the explanation in SSRLocator Instalation Guide tutorial.

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